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Re: update nis_3.5-2_alpha.deb on debian 2.1

According to Paul Slootman:
> It's recommended that stuff is compiled with "-g -O2", right? It's not.

It is? Sorry, I don't know the policy manual by heart. But recommended
doesn't mean compulsitory right. I can imagine that some packages would
be very hard to adjust.

> Very strange. I've checked configure in that directory, and it has the
> following:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> PACKAGE=yp-tools
> if test "`cd $srcdir && pwd`" != "`pwd`" && test -f $srcdir/config.status; then
>   { echo "configure: error: source directory already configured; run "make distclean" there first" 1>&2; exit 1; }
> fi
> cat >> confdefs.h <<EOF
> #define PACKAGE 1
> cat >> confdefs.h <<EOF
> #define VERSION 1
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Hmm, mine doesn't have this at all, it has #define PACKAGE "$PACKAGE" etc.
It indeed looks that something went wrong with autoconf on your system.

> Maybe this is a result of the potato automake, which Wichert told me could
> be installed on slink without any problems? That was necessary for the
> build of lpr_0.46-1-0slink1.

Well automake no, that would be autoconf.

> I have autoconf 2.12-13, automake 1.4-2.

I have autoconf 2.13-12, and that generates the right configure file.
Do you mean 2.12-13 or 2.13-12 ?

Should be fixed in nis_3.5-2 though, where there is an extra
"touch yp-tools-2.4/configure" line in debian/rules which should
prevent the configure script from being regenerated.

First things first, but not necessarily in that order.

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