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Re: [Stefan Reinauer <stepan@suse.de>] Milo-2.2-12 ready.

On Mon 29 Nov 1999, Michael Alan Dorman wrote:
> Is this in any way related to the work that's been done on MILO here?

Just saw this on www.alphalinux.org:

    MILO Version 2.2 Released

    November 4th 1999

    This version is based on the Milo-2.0.35-c5.3 sources of Nikita
    Schmidt , which are available on ftp://genie.ucd.ie/pub/alpha/milo/
    Since major changes were necessary, I won't release a patchfile.

    This version is working on a Ruffian. To compile it, you have to
    build a platform specific kernel for the Ruffian hardware and then a
    specific Milo. Please note: These sources are currently only
    working/tested on Ruffian. I built milo successfully against Kernel
    2.2.12. I think you need binutils older than (I used to build a working Milo. Something changed with the
    binary format since then and milo still assumes the old format. It
    worked for me using either egcs 1.1.2 or gcc 2.95.x.. other
    compilers were untested. As I didn't have the time to test how it
    behaves on a RedHat box, I only used a SuSE box as build system, but
    I guess you won't need lots or even any changes.

    I was not able to get Milo 2.2 up and running for an 164LX board,but
    fixing this may be trivial.

    The URL to get the Sources is:

    Have fun and please send me thousands of comments....

    Regards, Stefan Reinauer, stepan@suse.de

So, yes, it appears to be related to the work done here (by Nikita).

Paul Slootman
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