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Re: Need feedback for console-data debconf stuff

On Sun 21 Nov 1999, Yann Dirson wrote:
>  > 
>  > 	Ooops... I'm not sure that will work for any alpha :(. I'm sure it
>  > works with my model which is called AlphaPC and built by second parties
>  > (SWT), not Compaq/Digital. Hope it doesn't mess things up for those
>  > Compaq/Digital made workstations... specially the old ones.

I know that the UDB a.k.a. Multia and also the XL / XLT systems will
accept any PC-compatible keyboard (with a PS/2 connector). I'm sure
that most if not all Alpha systems will work with a "normal" PC (i386)

So I'd say that as far as keymaps are concerned, lumping alpha with i386
together will be OK.

Paul Slootman
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