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Re: Which nic module for Dec AlphaServer 1000 nic?

On Tue 23 Nov 1999, simonst@WellsFargo.COM wrote:
> The nic card is an EtherWORKS Turbo PCI DE435-AA.  The "Device Name
> Convention" figure in my AlphaServer manual shows ER or EW prefixes for
> ethernet ports (Lance DEC 4220 or Tulip DEC 21040), but my SRM "show device"
> shows neither.  I see what might be 48-bit ethernet addresses on FRA0 and
> FRB0, but the manual says "FR" prefix is for FDDI.  
>   >>>show device
>   dka0.	DKA0		RZ28M0568
>   dka400.	DKA400	RRD45 1645
>   dva0.0.0.1000.0	DVA0	
>   mka500.	MKA500	TLZ07 553A
>   fra0.0.0.1003.0	FRA0		08-00-2B-B6-90-3B
>   frb0.0.0.1005.0	FRB0		08-00-2B-B6-A6-84
>   pka0.	PKA0		SCSI Bus ID 7

Maybe fast ethernet also gets the "FR" prefix?

> Assuming that the "de4x5" driver is not a module, but is compiled into the
> kernel, are there boot parms that will make it recognize my nic card?  I

It should probe it automatically... Maybe your NIC has PCI IDs that
aren't recognized by the driver in your kernel (2.0.36 I guess?).

> More generally, where do the *.o kernel modules come from?  I scanned the
> hard drvice and the Debian Alpha 2.1 cd and couldn't find them.

The "standard" ones are on the "drv1440.bin" floppy image (i.e. the
driver floppy). Additionally the kernel-image-* packages have the kernel

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