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Re: Strange problems with clock

On Tue, Nov 02, 1999 at 06:03:14PM -0500, Danish wrote:
> Yesterday I started having strange problems with the Linux system clock (i.e.
> the one the date command returns) on my Multia. It returns totally random
> values, always in the range of January 1970, but all other values random.
> Strangely enough, the BIOS hardware clock is perfectly intact, as hwclock
> returns sane (correct) values.

Check what your kernel thinks about the CPU cycle frequency
(cat /proc/cpuinfo).  If it doesn't look right, try a newer kernel, and
if it still doesn't help, add cycle=166000000 parameter to the boot
command.  (IIRC, 2.0.36 doesn't support this option.)
Or, if you simply reboot, it might just work...


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