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Re: Headless install on LX164

Adam C Powell IV <hazelsct@mit.edu> writes:

> Any hope?  With the slink boot floppies, I load the ramdisk from
> root.bin floppy and then get confirmation that it mounted root, and
> recommendation that e2fsck be run, then nothing.  I don't suppose
> there's a way to get dbootstrap to use a serial console...

Hmm, you should be able to set the initial console at the boot prompt
via "tty=XXX". Serial console should be fine there.

> By the way, what's up with the installation docs?  Chapter 6 seems to
> know nothing about AlphaBIOS!  No MILO boot parameters, just "put in the
> (floppy/cd) and it will work," which is bogus.  I had to check my
> vendor's floppy install option for RedHat rescue in order to boot the
> Debian rescue disk.
> There really should be something in there explaining how to configure
> the AlphaBIOS or pass the options via MILO.  And the options should
> really be in there too!  I used:
> boot fd0:linux root=/dev/fd0 load_ramdisk=1 prompt_ramdisk=1

Add your tty there as well and it should work.

May the Source be with you.

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