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Re: alpha boot-floppies

Thanks for info!

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> >   (a) root.bin is too large to fit in 1.44FD. (about 1.6Mbytes)
> >         possily because of very large size of libc and binaries.
> >         In particular, we might have to reduce the libc.
> This is after compression?  'rootdisk.sh' is currently built at 3200k
> -- this was enough to build the sparc version, for instance...

Yes, after compression.
I changed that 'rootdisks.sh' is built at 5400k for alpha, and 
ungzipped root.bin is used at 4400k.
compressed root.bin is 1.5-6Mbytes.
(1509405 bytes for today's cvs tree).

> >   (b) aboot does not work well.
> >         In aboot prompt, I typed 'linux' but aboot said
> >         'linux: file not found'.
> Hmmm... well, you know that we're splitting root and boot disks now,
> right?  

Yes, I know that.
aboot problem occurs just before loading linux kernel.
(aboot is second boot loader, like lilo in i386.)

>          On the boot disk, is the kernel getting copied into place
> properly?

when I mount rescue1440.bin, I could see 'linux' which is 770k.

> the one building the rescue disks for you -- you shouldn't have to do
> it manually.

Ok. I just tried to show the problem clearly.
It is separate problem, actually. (I might confuse you, sorry)

> Are you asking for boot-floppies write access?  

Yes I am.

>                                                  I don't have any
> control over new-maintainer but I can add people who are *not* debian
> developers to have write access to boot-floppies.  I would prefer if
> you first send a patch to this list for review before you commit stuff
> if you're new to all this though, at least for the first round...

Ok, I appended patch for CVS tree.
This patch makes it possible that you finish 'make release' for alpha, 
but only for sub-architecture of 'generic'.

I do not understand well how old boot-floppies made various 
sub-architecutre's images.

Anyway, I think my patch does not break things. It is simple.

> We have this but I think it only works on i386.  See
> scripts/rootdisk/mklibs.sh.  Perhaps someone could get it working for
> the other architectures?

I am looking into that.

Tadayoshi Ohkuma / tad@omoikane.co.jp
Omoikane Inc. / http://www.omoikane.co.jp

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