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Re: ALPHA *is* gonna hold us up (Re: FREEZE RESCHEDULED)

On Tue, Nov 09, 1999 at 12:18:08AM -0500, David Huggins-Daines wrote:
> I'm willing to work on boot-floppies for Alpha.  But someone needs to do the
> kernel-patch-alpha-2.2.13 and kernel-image packages first, and that someone
> is probably not going to be me, as I am not at all clear on the way they are
> set up for Alpha.
> I think I managed to build dbootstrap here at one point, but I got wrapped
> up in working on m68k stuff and didn't go further
> My main concern is that I do not understand the boot procedures for any
> subarchs other than EB164 w/AlphaBios, and I don't have anything other than
> a PC164SX to test.  But I can definitely build and fix bugs.


Sorry to having been silent on the subject of the boot-floppies. I
lack of free time to work seriously on the boot-floppies for potato. I
realize now that not warning about this might have prevent someone
else to step in earlier.

I would be glad to try to answer any questions about the slink
boot-floppy work, but I guess it is better for someone else to take
the responsability for the Alpha potato boot-floppies.



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