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Re: alpha boot-floppies

tad-m2n@omoikane.co.jp writes:

>   (a) root.bin is too large to fit in 1.44FD. (about 1.6Mbytes)
>         possily because of very large size of libc and binaries.
>         In particular, we might have to reduce the libc.

This is after compression?  'rootdisk.sh' is currently built at 3200k
-- this was enough to build the sparc version, for instance...

>   (b) aboot does not work well.
>         In aboot prompt, I typed 'linux' but aboot said
>         'linux: file not found'.

Hmmm... well, you know that we're splitting root and boot disks now,
right?  On the boot disk, is the kernel getting copied into place

> For (b), I tried to use aboot as possible as simple.  Using new
> floppy, I just did 'e2writeboot /dev/fd0 /boot/bootlx', mounted it
> and copied kernel in name of 'linux', but aboot cound not find
> kernel too.  (Actually aboot was loaded, but aboot seemed to fail to
> find kernel)

I dunno the aboot stuff very well -- I've never had an Alpha to play
with...  I guess you could ask the alpha folks.  rescue.sh should be
the one building the rescue disks for you -- you shouldn't have to do
it manually.

> I do not have CVS write access to the boot-floppies tree.
> If there is any way to apply for Debian developer, I would like to know.

Are you asking for boot-floppies write access?  I don't have any
control over new-maintainer but I can add people who are *not* debian
developers to have write access to boot-floppies.  I would prefer if
you first send a patch to this list for review before you commit stuff
if you're new to all this though, at least for the first round...

If you have an account on va, you already can use that for write

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