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compaq c

I noticed that somebody mentioned they used the compaq c compiler to
compile emacs under slink.  I have an LX running potato and have several
codes that I am using which could greatly benefit from a speed boost so I
downloaded the rpms from compaq's site.  I used alien on them and
everything seemed to install fine.  However, when I tried to compile a few
things I ran into the following messages: 

cc: Severe: /usr/lib/compaq/ccc-6.2/alpha-linux/include//stddef.h, line
23: Cannot find file <stddef.h> specified in #include directive.
#include_next <stddef.h>

cc: Severe: /usr/include/math.h, line 289: Cannot find file <float.h>
specified in #include directive. (noinclfilef)

Have I bungled the installation, or do I need a package that has been
patched for debian.  If so, does that package exist?

Luke Shulenburger

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