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Re: My alpha died :-(

On Fri, Nov 12, 1999 at 11:22:55AM -0800, Ron Farrer wrote:
> Paul Slootman (paul@wau.mis.ah.nl) wrote:
> > Does anyone know whether there's hope of having it fixed, or should I
> > just write it off? :-(   What's best-bang-for-your-buck alpha system to
> > get nowadays? There's quite a lot of different motherboards out there...
> > I need scsi (pref. UW), network, and a couple of free slots for my ISDN
> > and sound card (and room for maybe a second scsi card), Being able to
> > recycle the Matrox PCI I had would be great as well. Oh yeah, it's got
> > to be available in Europe, and of course cheap :-)
> I don't know about having it fixed, but I believe the 164UX is the only
> board with UW scsi and networking onboard. I like this board but it
> doesn't have SRM, ARC, or AlphaBIOS. Only ARCSBIOS. If you need SRM or
> AlphaBIOS, then the LX is probably the next best. I don't think the LX
> has onboard scsi and networking though.

The LX doesn't have the onboard SCSI and networking, but SRM and
AlphaBIOS make it more expensive than the UX. The UX has on-board
ether, but I couldn't get the Tulip drivers that are necessary for it
to work on a 100mbit connection, only 10mbit, so I ended up using a
3Com card. The UX also has a good UW SCSI controller, as well as more
RAM banks and PCI slots, so if that's important, the UX is a better
board. However, it's pretty much impossible to use any OSes other than
NT and Linux on the UX because ARCSBIOS is pretty much only designed
for NT (i.e., forget that nice new Tru64 offering from Compaq and
forget *BSD).

---Constantine Vetoshev

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