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Unidentified subject!

Hi guys!

I have a Digital Personal Workstation 500au and I would like to intall
Debian on it. I already downloaded the Rescue disk, the Drivers disk (to
miata), the Root disk and all packages in Debian ftp site.

When I started to install Debian I had the first trouble...the boot by
floppy disk in that machine is not easy and it should be done by Alphabios
Setup, but this trouble is already solved.

When the machine read the Boot disk it shows the MILO-prompt and not the
Boot-prompt as writen in the INSTALL.TXT file, so after that I set the
device by typing:


after that I typed in the MILO-prompt:

                   "boot linux root=/dev/fd"

after that the system read some files on the floppy and then ask me to
insert the Root disk, then when I put the Root disk and press ENTER the
system give me the following message:

        "Kernel panic: VFS: unable to mount root fs on 02:00"

and the systen becomes stalled, and then nothing more happens.

Could you please give some help about it???

I already re-download the image files and create another disk, but it did
not solve my trouble.

Thnak you very much.

My best regards.


Antonio Fernando Harter Fetter Filho
Laboratorio de Oceanografia Fisica - Departamento de Fisica
Fundacao Universidade do Rio Grande - Campus Carreiros
Rio Grande/RS - Brasil
CEP: 96201-900
Caixa Postal: 474
Tel.: 0532-336623
Fax:  0532-336652

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