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Re: Alpha and MatroxFB

Jose Rodriguez schrieb:

>> Has anybody on this list managed to get the matrox-frambuffer of
>> recent 2.2.x-kernels running on an alpha-machine?
> I tried to with 2.2.13 (recompiled it on slink), but it freezes the system too.

So does 2.2.5 (tried it today). So this seems to be an old problem
which makes me wonder why I do not find anything about it on dejanews
or altavista.

Despite this /usr/src/linux/Documentation/fb/matroxfb.txt says "This
is a driver for a graphic framebuffer for Matrox devices on Alpha,
Intel and PPC boxes.".

    Hendrik Seffler * hendrik@xion.owl.de * http://home.pages.de/~seffler/

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