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"Unimplemented syscall" and ifupdown failing /dev/sunmouse Re: 8 MB RAM still enough? broken root floppy? call for ports to begin using 2.4.0 headers for glibc cdrom Compile 2.4.0 Compiling kernel 2.4.0 Conffiles problem xutils_4.0.2-1 Re: dbootstrap and nfsroot on a javastation Re: Debian GNU/Linux (potato) and SPARCStation 1+ debian install on a sun ultra/2 (fwd) debian's packages for sparc4 debian-sparc ȳϼ? dpkg gives SIGBUS on sparc dpkg, fixes sparc sigbus Eggdrop Error messages during booting error upgrading libc6-dev on sparc esp0 error(s) on sparc lx installation Exec format error, but no gcc warnings Executable format ? gcc working on sparc? glibc2.2 IDPRAM problem INIT: Id "1" respawning too fast install on sparc with integrated video and serial console (Was: stuff) Installing debian installing debian on sparc kernel sparc64 Large Files on Ultra10? lots of "^G" with mc make bzImage More Problems (Install) Mouse: Hardware problem? nedit orphaned ? Net install: SS20 Netra && Linux Network install on SparcStation 1+ Re: Network install on SparcStation 1+ : update Newbie questions openssh doesn't support PAM Performance Technologies PT-SBS440A card - 2.4.0 kernel Potato: Playing audio CDs and building 2.4.0 printing on sparc Printing on Ultra 10 problem in setting up X on an SS5 Problem with fdisk/woody problem with modem Re: Problem with SILO on Ultra 10/IDE Problems with Woody on Sparc. Re: Problen setting modem port speed. quota -- quotacheck bombs Reiserfs Ross upgrade Seting up the routing tables. silo.conf sparc dpkg error SPARC potato -> woody sparc-debian network problem -- help ssh-login on sparc Strange output in logging Re: stuff Teac 532S only asynchronous on SS2 (sun4c)? TFTP install -> SILO woes! Ultralinux Meta-FAQ Watchdog Reset Web Browser which driver do I need in the kernel for sound in a sparc LX? woody floppies woody on sparc X on a Sun Ultra 5 Re: X on SS10 X resolutions X11R6 ZX framebuffer The last update was on 11:46 GMT Sun May 12. There are 273 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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