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Re: Compiling kernel 2.4.0

Previously Andreas Tille wrote:
> Perhaps new packages for modutils, util-linux, mount could go into
> proposed-updates, to avoid local compile for many people...

Okay, I'll repeat this for the last time:

  I will *not* upload a new modutils for potato to support 2.4.*
  kernels. The recent modutils releases don't support 2.0 kernels
  anymore, and a fair number of people using potato are still
  running those.

For the interested, there are both kernel and other packages (including
util-linux, modutils and devfsd) for 2.4.0 available at 
ftp.valinux.com/pub/kernel that people can use if they want. Be warned
that those packages are not officialy supported either by Debian
or by VA, but I'll try and fix any possible bugs that people find.


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