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Re: Net install: SS20

The boot net-tpe is OK, since you're not using a hub. However, dhcpd is not
going to help you because you have one of those crusty old boot proms (as I
do) that attempts to boot using rarp.  You need to compile the kernel on
the tftp server to support rarp, and install rarpd, and put the MAC
address and hostname of the SS20 in /etc/ethers. Note that the hostname
must be resolvable.

Let me know if you need more detail.

The line in my /etc/ethers looks like:

8:0:20:76:87:24	usagi.literati.org

And in inetd.conf:

tftp		dgram	udp	wait	nobody	/usr/sbin/tcpd \
/usr/sbin/in.tftpd /boot

The file that the SS20 will try to boot from will most likely be
XXXXXXXX.SUN4M with the X's being replaced by the machine's IP address
in hex.  Just look at the logs from tftpd and link/copy your netboot
kernel to that filename.

Note that the rarp server *must* be on the same machine as the tftp server.

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