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Re: Netra && Linux

On Thu, Jan 18, 2001 at 00:49:38 +0100,
Borut Mrak <borut.mrak@ijs.si> wrote:
> I have it running on a Netra...I don't know the exact model, but the hardware
> is the same as a SparcStation 5.

this is one of the older netras. they were more or less normal machines
(i've also seen them with framebuffer) with some software additions.

but the new netra line (netra t1) is different. they're 19" formfactor
machines, unlike most/all other sun servers. i've not tried to run linux
on them, but from what i've seen and heard of the hardware, there should
be no surprises. so debian-sparc64 should run on them.

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