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Re: Netra && Linux

Can Linux run on the new Netra server ? 
# I attach the information from Sun's Web.

If so, we can get the SPARCV9 platform at almost the same price as PC's!
# I don't care if it has a framebuffer or not. ;)


> On Thu, Jan 18, 2001 at 00:49:38 +0100,
> Borut Mrak <borut.mrak@ijs.si> wrote:
> [...]
> > I have it running on a Netra...I don't know the exact model, but the hardware
> > is the same as a SparcStation 5.
> this is one of the older netras. they were more or less normal machines
> (i've also seen them with framebuffer) with some software additions.
> but the new netra line (netra t1) is different. they're 19" formfactor
> machines, unlike most/all other sun servers. i've not tried to run linux
> on them, but from what i've seen and heard of the hardware, there should
> be no surprises. so debian-sparc64 should run on them.

(The information of the Netra X1 Server(from Sun's Web))

Introducing the Netra[tm] X1 Server

Sun Server Quality at a Remarkably Low Price 

Recognizing the emerging need for a new breed of low-cost servers, 
Sun Microsystems, Inc. developed the Netra[tm] X1 server, the industry's 
lowest-priced UNIX(r)/RISC server ever, delivering Sun's renowned quality
for under $1,000. 
As the latest addition to the successful Netra line of robust servers, 
and storage and expansion solutions, the ultra-thin, rackmountable Netra 
X1 server extends Sun's compelling value proposition to a whole new market,
bringing Sun's premier performance to mainstream computing. It gives 
enterprises and service providers an attractive entre into Sun's complete 
family of servers-from one to 64 processors all built around the premier
Solaris[tm] Operating Environment and SPARC[tm] architecture. Only Sun 
offers this seamless growth path across its entire compute family - something
no other computer vendor can match. 

Sun Delivers Premium, Low-Cost Computing
With a starting price of $995, the Netra X1 server is extremely competitive
when compared with other entry-level servers. It is an especially attractive
proposition given the fact that the server comes complete with the Solaris
Operating Environment and disk drive preinstalled along with remote management
capabilities, making it ready for out-of-the-box use. 

World-Class Operating Environment:
The Netra X1 server incorporates Sun's industrial-strength Solaris 8 Operating
Environment, one of the most mature, widely respected operating systems in the
industry. With over 12,000 applications, it is the operating system of choice
in Fortune 1000 companies and for the Internet. 

Powerful 64-bit Computing:
On the hardware side of the equation, the Netra X1 server is built around Sun's
advanced UltraSPARC[tm] processor. In commercial use for over five years, the
proven 64-bit UltraSPARC processor is one of the most fully developed processor
families on the market, offering a clear roadmap for the future. 

Complete Compatibility:
Unlike competitive products that bolt together third-party operating systems 
and hardware, the SPARC architecture and the Solaris Operating Environment 
were designed from the start to seamlessly work in tandem. This tight 
collaboration between the operating system and processor throughout the Sun
portfolio has resulted in one of the industry's largest and most successful
families of binary-compatible systems. 

Basis for a Wide Range of Applications

Typical applications for Netra X1 servers can be partitioned into
infrastructure and revenue services.

Infrastructure Services 
		Firewall servers
		DNS servers 
		Cache servers
		Print severs
		Proxy servers 
		Horizontal scaling 
Revenue Services 
		Email/message servers 
		Web server cohost
		Hosting server
		VoIP server (voice-over-IP)
		VPN (virtual private network) 

The Netra X1 Server:
The Details
The Netra X1 server comes complete at $995 with: 
       Solaris 8 Operating Environment 
       400-MHz, 64-bit UltraSPARC processor 
       128 MB (1 GB max) memory 
       Sun's advanced remote management/monitoring capabilities 
       20 GB industry-standard IDE hard drive (a second drive is optional) 

Quick, Easy Installation 

       Two built-in Ethernet ports 
       Industry-standard RJ45 console and serial ports 


       1U (1.75 inches) in height 
       Small server footprint (17"x13") 

Remote Management
The server's lights out management (LOM) for remote monitoring and control
greatly simplifies day-to-day management and administration. 

Higher Availability 

       Robust construction, similar to that of Sun's carrier-grade servers 
       Automatic server restart 
       Removable system configuration card 
       Status LEDs on the front and rear 
       Unit is serviced as a single field replaceable unit (FRU)

Ample Connectivity 

       One 20 GB IDE hard drive (second drive optional) 
       Two independent USB ports 
       Two built-in Ethernet ports 
       Industry-standard RJ45 console and serial ports 

Seamless Development/Deploy:
Along with world-class hardware and software, Sun also offers a complete
development environment for the Netra X1 server. 

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