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Ross upgrade

Hi All.
I just upgraded to a Ross90MHz cpu which required me
to upgrade my NVRAM as well. Ever since then I have 
had odd things happening with regard to X. The Gnome 
floppy and cdrom icons look like crumpled aluminum 
soda cans and my Xterm title bars are shot through 
with horizontal black lines. Also, I get spontaniously
logged out of Gnome/Sawmill when I push the pointer off
the top of the desktop. These things happen ONLY when
I'm using custom kernels that I have compiled but that
worked *flawlessly* before I upgraded to the Ross/NVRAM.
Also, these things do not happen when I am logged into 
X (using xdm) as root. Any ideas?
Matthew Herzog			Unix Administrator
mherzog@mediaone.net            Powered by NetBSD

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