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"Unimplemented syscall" and ifupdown failing

Well I've tracked this down and the results are:

THe ifup problem failing with "Function not implemented", try upgrading
to the latest 1.6.4-3 ifupdown. That should work. The problem was that
it was compiled against a non-LFS version of the __fxstat64 symbol (which
gets compiled statically, not dynamic, from libc_nonshared.a), and was
incompatible with the new LFS enabled libc6. I need to track this down
further, since I think that's a bug in libc6.

Let me know if this doesn't resolve the problem for you.

Now, the "Unimplemented syscalls" can be ignored. They are the result of
running a 2.2.x kernel with LFS enabled libc6. The LFS syscalls are not
in 2.2.x, so they return ENOSYS, and libc6 falls back to the non-LFS
syscalls. I sent a patch to dave miller to fix these printk's, and it
should make it into the 2.2.19 kernel (probably be in the 2.2.19pre's


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