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Re: More Problems (Install)

Quoting Evan DiBiase <evand@wplug.org>:

> Well, I was going to try and look at some of the suggestions made by
> people on the list, but, unfortunately, something odd happened to my
> SPARC's hard drive that corrupted it. So the data's gone, and I figured
> I'd give reinstalling a try.
> I'm booting over the network with TFTP. The SPARC loads the file, and
> then prints
> Booting Linux...
> and sits there. Does anyone know what the problem might be or, barring
> that, how I might narrow down the possible factors?

Dang... it's been a while. I remember there being something funky with my Sparc 
install... actually the only install that went smooth was my Debian Alpha NFS 
Root install. I know I had issues with tftp'ing from my PPC server... I had to 
put the file on my x86 box.

Brian Macy

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