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Re: Problems with Woody on Sparc.

Dave Love writes:
 > >>>>> "BC" == Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org> writes:
 >  BC> These can be ignored. If you have problems with ifupdown, install
 >  BC> the latest one from unstable/sid.
 > Where would one get such a thing?  unstable seems to be devoid of
 > packages.  (Also testing is very incomplete -- I can't even see libc).

Indeed, since when the package pool is in effect, I can find any
package which are not in woody (and even some pakages in the old woody
have now dissapeared). I suppose that if I put unstable in the apt-get
source list, I can instaled unstable packages. But I want only to
install _some_ unstable packages which I really need (I dont want the
whole system become unstable).

Can someone explain me how to find package which has'nt yet made their
ways to woody

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