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Re: SPARC potato -> woody

Quoting Dave Love <fx@gnu.org>:

> >>>>> "ED" == Evan DiBiase <evand@wplug.org> writes:
>  ED> Configuring network interfaces: /etc/network/interfaces: Function
> not
>  ED> implemented
>  ED> ifup: couldn't read interfaces file "/etc/network/interfaces"
> Downgrading to libc6 2.2-4 fixed this for me on an Ultra -- see
> previous messages.  However, the archives appear devoid of post-potato
> libcs now, so it's not even clear that a bug report is relevant.

I'm thinking it's a libc issue too. Which if you don't want to downgrade you 
can add:
ifconfig lo
#right before the ifup -a call in /etc/init.d/networking
#Add any other static routes before there.

If you use dhcp just put "IFACES=eth0" in /etc/default/pump and make sure the 
pump package is installed.

Brian Macy

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