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Re: More Problems (Install)

On Mon, 8 Jan 2001, Jonathan D. Proulx wrote:

> Hi,
> All I can say is you aren't alone, I recently did eight tftpboot.img
> installs on some Sparc5,10,&20's, but  I have four Sparc2's exhibiting
> the same problem you describe, can't even break with stop-A...
> Same server, same image, same switch between them...
> I recall a post recently about an IPC doing this too.
I think that would be me :-)

Although that post was not about the tftpboot.img, I did try that
image. With me it produced some errormessage like
"DaDaWiWiWindow: underflow error" (not sure about the exact wording, but
the "stuttering" was definitely there). I didn't put to much thought into
it; the documentation tells that tftpboot.img isn't well-suited to
low-memory computers. My IPC (currently?) has 12 Mb.

On my original posting about a "normal" kernel with NFS root:
The same kernel I tried was reported by someone else to work on his
IPC. I'm beginning to question my IPC's hardware, but the person who gave
it to me claims it's okay. How reliable are the PROM's testing routines?

As soon as I've got a intel -> sparc cross-compiler up and running I'll be
trying some self-compiled kernels. Has someone succeeded in this? Building
of gcc2.95.2 fails cause it can't find some .h files :-(


> If anyone can shed some light on this it'd be great.
> -Jon
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