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RE: Eggdrop

Dan Field scripsit:
>I installed it last week and had problems. 
>It installed into all the right places, I wrote a config script, ran the bot
>and it claimed that it had been sent into the background. no such luck, as
>quick 'ps aef' claimed that it did not exist, and it was not trying to join
>any of the servers I tried in the config.
>any ideas ?
Hi again,
 exactly the same for me... I tried to launch it with the -nt option,
so I can see what's appening. Apparently it crashes when it try to
join a server... I tried again after compiling it with target 'debug',
but the core file gave me no clues. I do the backtrace, but it
couldn't find any information for the adresses which were on the
stack. This let me think (with orror :))) that the bug could be in
some library. 

Anihow, I submitted a bug report (bug #161) to eggdrop people. I hope
they can do something :)))


Leo TheHobbit 
IRCnet #flct
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Version: 3.1
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