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esp0 error(s) on sparc lx installation


I'm consistently being hit with the following error messages trying to
install debian
'potato' on a couple of sparc lx's (96 meg ram, 2.1 gig Quantum Grand
Prix drive):

The following error messages are repeated in an endless loop at various
different times
after the base install of the potato installation:

esp0: DMA error a4400202
esp0: Resetting scsi bus
esp0: scsi bus reset interrupt
esp0: hoping for msgout

I *think* the problem is based on the fact that the sparc drives I have
might be failing to
handle probing for multiple LUNs on startup [1] which seems to be the
default way sparc
kernels are built.

Unfortunatly, I can't get to a point where I can build a kernel without
LUN support without being hit by these messages flodding the screen and
locking the
machines up.

If this is indeed the problem (which, I'm not entirely sure is the
case), I'm installing
via the network. Are there any alternative installation sites that I can
point to in the
install scripts that will load a default kernel *without* multiple LUN

Any help in confirming this is indeed the problem (and more importantly
how to fix this :)
are very much appreciated,


[1] http://lists.openresources.com/Debian/debian-sparc/msg00628.html

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