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Re: TFTP install -> SILO woes!

The partition that has your kernel on it cannot be larger than 1GB, and I
suspect if your disk is 2GB, your swap is probably not larger than 1GB so
your root is >1GB.  You need to repartition.

I had the same problem with a 9GB drive, but I was still able to force SILO
to boot manually by giving it the filename at the SILO prompt (i.e.
/vmlinuz), but it would not boot automatically until I repartitioned so my
root (or /boot if you want) partition was <1GB.  The fact that it was able
to see the file makes me suspicious that maybe the PROM on the machine was
OK and SILO was being paranoid, or maybe it just couldn't see the whole
filesystem and luckily my kernel was before the 1GB mark.

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