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Re: quota -- quotacheck bombs

* on the Sun, Jan 14, 2001 at 10:04:42PM +0100, Peter Keel was blubbering:
> quotacheck (from quota_2.00-8) bombs. I can't make out why with 
> strace, and ltrace "has no available version but is in the database".
> Kernel is 2.2.18, with quota turned on, of course. 

(nb: This is on Sparc10, Woody, usrquota in fstab and quota turned on)

Ok. I recompiled quota, and 'lo! It doesn't segfault. But guess what:
- I had to remove 2 includes (ext2fs/ext2fs.h and tcpd.h) from the
  source, otherwise it wouldn't compile. After removing it compiled
  without complaining. (which, I think, is very strange...)
- quotacheck -uva indeed produced a quota.user file where I expected it.
- repquota -a gave me a report with correct blocknumbers and so on 
- edquota <user> gave me a nearly empty file, only with the text, but
  no numbers (for blocks, quota, inodes etc.) filled in. 
  Editing this file resulted in it being accepted and seemingly set.
- A further check with quota <user> returned
  "Disk quota for user <user> (Uid: <uid>): none". repquota returned
  no quota as well. 
It looks as if quota is completely broken on sparc. 

Can I set my quota with a hexeditor until this gets fixed? 

"Any good Unix security engineer can clean up any Unix box. But I'm not 
 sure there are people even within Microsoft who know how to clean up 
 an NT box." -- Michael Zbouray

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