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Re: Potato: Playing audio CDs and building 2.4.0

Just for the record...

On 09-Jan-2001 Jim Hague wrote:
> I've just been through the process of converting my Ultra5 to Debian (from
> Redhat), and found that I can't play audio CDs. gtcd crashes on startup -
> other CD players just produce no result on playing.
> [...]
> Q1: Am I the only one having trouble playing audio CDs on Ultra5?

No. But install a current CVS kernel (mine reports 2.4.1-pre9) and audio CD
playing works again.

> Q2: What do I need to do to compile 2.4.0?

1. Make sure 'egcs64' is installed.
2. Omit troublesome modules from the kernel. I just omitted everything not
   relevant to the Ultra5 in question.

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