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Re: Executable format ?

On Mon, 22 Jan 2001, Ragga Muffin wrote:

> Hi all,
> Can someone clarify me how the Debian Sparc tree can support
> both sun4c and sun4m architectures ?
> AFAIK, in SunOS binaries are not interchangeable between 4c and 4m...

Fair dinkum, I didn't know that, with linux I swapped a disk between a
Classic and an IPX and it just worked.

N.B. linux seems to run SunOS binaries well too.

Are you sure its the SunOS binaries or is it kernel level code
optimisations that are different? I've never seen any vendors offering two
differing types of binaries for SunOS are you sure?

> In this light, would it make sense to compile packages from
> source and optimize on, say a SS5/110 (sun4m) ?
Last kernel I compiled didn't have any options for optimising in this
manner, let us know if you find anything, I haven't looked at the 2.4
kernel on sparc though.

Best Regards,

Peter Firmstone.

> Or am I totally at a loss here....?
> TIA,
> Ragga
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