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sparc-debian network problem -- help

       Hi all,
       I have just converted a sparc solais to sparc-debian and to my
greatest disappointment, I am now stuck with a non working machine.
       Actually the installation went smoothy, so smoothy that I decide
to go directly to woody (testing).
       However, when I reboot the machine, I get strange message an no
ethernet connection !

eth0: using carrier detection
    : carrier lost, trying TPE

IP-config: not enough information

rcS[7]: unimplemented sparc system call 44
	unimplemented sparc system call 155
	unimplemented sparc system call 154

/etc/network/interfaces: function not implemented
ipup: could not read interfaces files: /etc/network/interfaces

The strangest thing is that the file /etc/network/interfaces does
exist and is world readable. I can also run "ifconfig eth0 up" and
bring this interface up (it was not). But there is still no way to
reach, or be reached from, other machines.

Does any one has any clues ? The ethernet cable seems to be fine and I
already have ethernet connection just before since I can and have
fetched packages from the net. Perhaps because I have upgradded to
woody? But now, I can't do nothing because I don't have ethernet

	Please help. I hate to reinstall the whole system from scratch,
but I don't know of any solution.

PHAM Dinh Tuan                         | e-mail: Dinh-Tuan.Pham@imag.fr
Laboratoire de Modelisation et Calcul  | Tel: +33 4 76 51 44 23
BP 53, 38041 Grenoble cedex 9 (France) | Fax: +33 4 76 63 12 63

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