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Re: printing on sparc

> On Jan 18, Gabor Zoltan Csejtey scratched in indelible ink :

> I sent a mail earlier this day to the debian-sparc list. Haven't you
> read it? I have problems with printing too.
> I didn't have /dev/lp* after installing Debian 2.2r0.
hmmm as no one else has answered....
have you tried printing through the lpr daemon?

Or tried insmod'ing parport first as well.
ppl, is it compiled into the kernel by default?

> su
> cd /dev
> modprobe parport_ax
> modprobe lp
> cat something.txt > /dev/lp0
> What is the problem? Where can I find info about printing on SparcLinux?
apt-get install lprng
then /usr/doc/lprng/LPRng-HOWTO.html
and apt-get install doc-linux-text
gives you all the HOWTOs.
then /usr/share/doc/HOWTO/en-txt/Printing-Usage-HOWTO.txt.gz 

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