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Re: Exec format error, but no gcc warnings

On Mon, Jan 08, 2001 at 03:24:17PM -0500, Ben Collins wrote:

:Using gcc for linking should be fine. Sounds to me like you have some
:odd flags coming from somewhere or some asm with V9 specifics (you don't
:get a SPARCPLUS V8+ binary using -mv8plus, it's what you see when you
:compile with -mv9). So, I am assuming that you might be getting a
:sparc64 compilation environment (did you say you were compiling on an

Are you suggesting gcc rather than ld as the value of LINKER?

I'm on a Sparcstation20 with a Ross HyperSparc CPU.  I have previously
compiled successfully on this machine so it's (probably) not a global

:Try compiling with the sparc32 command ("sparc32 make all"), which
:should fake the build into thinking sparc-linux, instead of

Tried it with no joy.

I've picked over the make output and don't see any extra flags being
passed to gcc or ld.  Do you know of any environment variables or
other oddiments that could change the build environment?

Thanks for your help,

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