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Re: Potato: Playing audio CDs and building 2.4.0


I had similar problems if you look to the earlier mails in this list
around october 2000 you may find some of them related. I found xmcd
working sometimes but there's a problem with the audio output. Someone
suggested to use the headphone plug and connect to the line input to
get the audio to the sound chip. Now I can only listen audio CD with

You may try to use IDE-SCSI simulation for the xmcd.

I have a Goldstar IDE CD drive.

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	<Warning: New to Debian Sparc>

	I've just been through the process of converting my Ultra5 to Debian (from
	Redhat), and found that I can't play audio CDs. gtcd crashes on startup - other
	CD players just produce no result on playing.

	I had a similar problem in the past when using a stock 2.2 kernel with RH (RH's
	custom kernel worked OK), but it worked in 2.3.xx, so I thought I'd try building
	a 2.4.0 kernel.

	Well, the build fails with

	../../gcc/config/sparc/sparc.c:1174: Internal compiler error in function

	on several source modules.

	Q1: Am I the only one having trouble playing audio CDs on Ultra5?

	Q2: What do I need to do to compile 2.4.0?

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