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Re: Conffiles problem xutils_4.0.2-1

I found the missing conffiles in debin/tmp/etc for xutils.

I installed the new packages from pool/x/xfree86. However, there's a
link in /etc 
/etc/X11/X -> /usr/bin/X11/XFree86

but there's no XFree86 in the /usr/bin/X11/ directory. Which package
should contain it?


	Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 11:54:38 +0100 (MET)
	From: Gabor Zoltan Csejtey <Gabor.Csejtey@idi.ntnu.no>
	Resent-From: debian-sparc@lists.debian.org

	I tried to make a debian packages with dpkg -b from the xfree86 source,
	after compiling it.


	I've got error regarding the conffiles for xutils_4.0.2-1
	which contains:


	some of them reported as missing files. Is there an error in this file
	or I'm missing some of the source?

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