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error upgrading libc6-dev on sparc


I got this on my sparc, but I'm not sure if it's a sparc only
problem. When upgrading to recent unstable, using apt, it got to
unpacking libc6-dev, where dpkg died with a Bus error. I'm not sure
whether this is a bug in libc6-dev or in dpkg, so I don't know which
package to bug report, which is why I'm sending it here.

These are the last lines of the dpkg -D7777 output when installing
libc6-dev_2.2-10. dpkg version is

D000010: tarobject ti->Name=`./usr/lib/libutil.so' Mode=120777 owner=0.0 Type=50
(l) ti->LinkName=`/lib/libutil.so.1' namenode=`/usr/lib/libutil.so' flags=2 inst
D000100: setupvnamevbs main=`/usr/lib/libutil.so' tmp=`/usr/lib/libutil.so.dpkg-
tmp' new=`/usr/lib/libutil.so.dpkg-new'
D000100: tarobject already exists
D000010: ensure_pathname_nonexisting `/usr/lib/libutil.so.dpkg-new'
D000010: ensure_pathname_nonexisting `/usr/lib/libutil.so.dpkg-tmp'
D000100: tarobject SymbolicLink creating
D000100: tarobject done and installed
D000002: maintainer_script_alternative nonexistent postrm `/var/lib/dpkg/info/li
D001000: isdirectoryinuse `/usr/include/asm-sparc/semaphore-helper.h' (except li
D001000: isdirectoryinuse packageslump libc6-dev ...
D001000: isdirectoryinuse considering [0] libc6-dev ...
D001000: isdirectoryinuse no
D000010: process_archive: checking //usr/include/asm-sparc/semaphore-helper.h fo
r same files on upgrade/downgrade

This leaved libc6-dev in a not properly installed state, so I can't
upgrade or install other things either. At least not with apt-get.



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