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Re: Network install on SparcStation 1+

>> I see a bunch of tftp data packets and acknowledgements going between the
>> machines. The last data packet is smaller than the rest, so I assume it's
>> finished the file. After that, there's no network activity whatsoever.
>> Having reviewed the install documentation I'm a bit confused - I know I
>> need tftp, but do I need both rarp and bootp - the documentation
>> ("Installing Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 For SPARC",
>> -tftp )says I need both in 6.5 line 1, but 6.5 line 2 implies one or the
>> other.
> Rarpd is enough.

Thanks for clarifying that

> How much memory does your machine have ?

16 Mb

> I just installed potato on a 16Mb ELC (sun4c) and the tftpboot.img would
> load but I got a
> Watchdog reset
> Window underflow error
> and that was it.

I didn't even get that

> The NFS-ROOT install was successfull though. (but not painless)
> Problem is the machine does not get it's IP from rarp, you'll
> have to tell it to the sparc 1 by booting like
> boot net ip=xxx.yyy.zzz.www

I'll have to give that a go, but the documentation has a worrying "NOT
WRITTEN YET" disclaimer at the end of the instructions.



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