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Newbie questions

Hi all,

I've recently installed potato on a e4500 machine and noticed some strange

First, the bogoMIPS calculation is quite strange: 
Jan 26 17:00:21 levaca kernel: Calibrating delay loop... 799.53 BogoMIPS
Jan 26 17:00:21 levaca last message repeated 7 times
Jan 26 17:00:21 levaca kernel: Total of 9 processors activated (71.96 BogoMIPS)

Second, the machine hangs or boots when used heavily by period of aprox.
3hs. I'm crunching distributed.net rc5 keys, a task that uses full
processing power, when these things happen.

and finaly, is there a way to obtain cpu temperature ? may I use SunOS's
prtdiag for it ?


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