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Re: Newbie questions

On Sat, 27 Jan 2001, Anton Blanchard wrote:

> > Second, the machine hangs or boots when used heavily by period of aprox.
> > 3hs. I'm crunching distributed.net rc5 keys, a task that uses full
> > processing power, when these things happen.
> Do you get an oops report or does it lock up hard? I'd like to track this
> bug down since I havent had access to a > 2 CPU machine for a while.

No. it just stops. =^/ 
Is there a way for me to help tracking it ?

> > and finaly, is there a way to obtain cpu temperature ? may I use SunOS's
> > prtdiag for it ?
> There is an option to enable this stuff but I have no idea how well it works
> (I havent got a machine to test it myself):
> SUNW, envctrl support

Yeap, I'm pretty sure that its it. Browsing /proc/openprom I've noticed
registers and interrupts to reach this information, but I dunno either how
to obtain cpu/board temperature. =^/

Thank you for the help. =^)


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