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Re: X on a Sun Ultra 5

I had the same problems on my Ultra 2. I ended up creating 
/dev/sunmouse and making /dev/mouse symlink to it. The /sbin/MAKEDEV
is supposed to create the device...Here is what I did:

rm sunmouse
mknod sunmouse c 10 6     #(or was it 6 10? check MAKEDEV to be sure)
chown root:root sunmouse
chmod 0660 sunmouse
ln -s sunmouse mouse

On Thu, 04 Jan 2001 17:07:32 +0100
 Markus Kinzler <markus.kinzler@alcatel.ch> wrote:
> hello
> i have a problem starting X on my ultra5.
> i make the /etc/X11/XF86Config with anXious but when i try to start x
> i see my twm welcome screen but i can't move my sunmouse and can't
> press
> my 
> keyboard. the server hangs. i can't make anything else than turn the
> power off.
> what is the problem ?
> i have the Debian 2.2rev2
> a few questions:
> what is the protocol of my mouse ?
> whats the device of my mouse?
> do i have to make the device or i there already the right one ?
> thanx for your help
> markus kinzler
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