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Net install: SS20

Having trouble installing via network. I've managed getting the
package DHCP[1] up and running, and listening to my NIC. Now, trying to get
my Sparc station 20 to boot from it has been difficult. From the "ok" prompt
I enter the following producing these errors:

boot net:
    lost carrier (transceiver cable problem?)
    cable problem or twisted pair hub link-test disabled

(NOTE: I'm using a cross cable, and I don't have a hub)

boot net-tpe:
    time out waiting for ARP/RARP packet

boot net-aui:
    Lost carrier (transceiver cable problem?)
    ARP/RARP send failed. Check Ethernet cable and transceiver

    *Basically, it said internal loop succeded but external lost carrier.

Afterwards I did:
setenv tpe-link-test? false
    *This at least gave me a succeded for both internal and external (TP)

Finally, I changed my boot device to the one that succeded, but got "can't
open device" error

Any suggestion?

[1] It was recommended to me by others to use BOOTP. The package
BOOTP's description says something like "this package isn't
being maintained upstream, so use the package DHCP instead".

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