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Re: Netra && Linux

* Eiji Ota <eiji@fsc.fujitsu.com> [010118 10:36]:
> Can Linux run on the new Netra server ? 
> # I attach the information from Sun's Web.
> If so, we can get the SPARCV9 platform at almost the same price as PC's!
> # I don't care if it has a framebuffer or not. ;)

I believe that SPARC/Linux will run on the Netra T1 (if memory serves
me, Sun gave one to DaveM to work on), but it curently won't work on the
Netra X1.  The Netra X1 has a new CPU (UltraSPARC-IIi), a new PCI
chipset for SPARC (ALi), and I beleive a new IDE controller (VIA?).
Basically, have patience (or work on it). :)

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