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Re: printing on sparc

Gabor Zoltan Csejtey <Gabor.Csejtey@idi.ntnu.no> wrote

> Hi,
> I have some news. After sending some text to the printer (DEskJet
> 720C) the sun halted but then I unplugged the printer cable from the
> sun it came alive again. So it seems a hardware problem ? 
> Is there a similar printer port on the Ultra 10? It looks similar to
> the PC's.
> I used modprobe parport_ax and modprobe lp to get access to the
> /dev/lp0

Hmm... ok, you have an ultra which is a totally different beast
than the Sparc 5 and has it's own kernel tree....

It might be worthwhile to search www.sunhelp.com for the parallel
port specs. It sounds reasonable to assume the HP720 would work
at least using lpd, since there are filters that speak PCL...

I'll try to find a parallel printer and play with it a bit tomorrow
to find out if the parallel port on older sparcs is usable. 



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