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Re: Installing debian

On Sun, 21 Jan 2001, Matt Lowry wrote:
> I have trouble with my SS5es whenever there's more then one device on the
> SCSI chain and a 2.2.x kernel is running. Well, to be precise, when the
> second device is talked to all kinds of horrible error messages start
> coming up about the first device, and everything keels over.

I used to get somewhat similar results on my LX (although the system would
not keel over, I would just get a gross SCSI bus reset every once in a
while)... and if I removed my CD-ROM, it went away. I did manage to
correct it when I installed a second hard drive (sharing external chaing
w/ CD-ROM..) the hard drive had resistor packs...

I recently got a Plextor 4/12 CDR that I've been able to use (with
intermittent SCSI bus errors)... I recently switched some SCSI cables
around (got a 12" cable to replace a 3 footer) and different errors ensued
(still investigating).. but I figured I'd mention it (check various cable
lengths on troublesome setups).

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