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Re: glibc2.2

Q89029292 wrote:
> On Mon, 22 Jan 2001 tmeunier@cs.uml.edu wrote:
> > Does anyone know if a newer version of glibc is available for sparc?  I think
> > potato 2.2 came with glibc1.2  I'm trying to get a web browser working.  Mozilla
> > requires glibc 2.2
> >
> > Or...if anyone knows where I could find the version or netscape that supported
> > linux and sparc, that could work, too.
> >
> > Thanks.
> >
> > Tim.
> I've a copy of netscape 4.51 for linux sparc, however it is the only on my
> system program capable of causing watchdog resets and doesn't support
> 128bit encryption.

I've been using the 4.5 US.SPARC LINUX 2.0 version for about 2 years

It can be found at

When looking at help->about it displays:
This version supports U.S. security with RSA Public Key
	Cryptography, MD2, MD5, RC2-CBC, RC4, DES-CBC,

It's quite stable on my Ultra 1 and 5, but you might want to use libc5
oldlibs next to glibc anyway.

I've looked at other browsers, but keep going back to this older thing,
because it's 'faster' IMHO.


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