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Performance Technologies PT-SBS440A card - 2.4.0 kernel


Over the weekend I have been trying to connect three 4Gb disks to a Debian
GNU/Linux operated SparcStation5. At this very moment, Linux still does not
detect the hardware, though probe-scsi-all lists both the disks and the SBus
card, a (Performance Technologies) PT-SBS440A card, at the boot prompt.

   Debian GNU/Linux 2.2
   Kernel 2.4.0 (I did compile the kernel with PTI/Qlogic support)
   Architecture: SUN4M
   Type: SPARCstation 5

Has anybody been able to make Linux aware that the system contains a PT-SBS440A

By the way, in a archive of a netbsd mailing list, I found some reference to
switches on the card. Could it be that I need to set some switches before the
kernel recognises the card?

Thanks for your help

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