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Re: which driver do I need in the kernel for sound in a sparc LX?

* Mike Hebel <drone8of9@crosswinds.net> [010122 07:51]:
> BZZZT!  Thank you for playing anyway!
> Sorry - couldn't resist. ;-)
> What you actually need in the kernel is DBRI audio.  LX and IIRC SS10 use it
> instead of the AMD or Crystal hardware.  AMD will _not_ work because the LX
> uses DBRI for 16-bit audio while the IPX uses AMD for 8-bit audio.

BZZZT!  Thank you for playing anyway!

I couldn't resist either... ;)

About the "or Crystal hardware"... the audio chipset that DBRI has is
the cs4215, very much from Crystal. ;)

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