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Re: Netra && Linux

Thank you, Joshua, for inputting me.

The price of Netra X1 sounds so attractive to me, and it's a pity
it uses different chips. But I have patience with a bit hope.;)

When I checked the pdf file in www.sun.com/netra/whitepapers/NetraX1.pdf,
I found Netra X1 doesn't have any U2Ps and any UPA buses and I was surprised.
Is it right ? UltraSPARCIIe can handle a PCI bus directly without a bridge
chip ?  If so, actually the architecture is different from what I'm familiar


> * Eiji Ota <eiji@fsc.fujitsu.com> [010118 10:36]:
> > Can Linux run on the new Netra server ? 
> > # I attach the information from Sun's Web.
> > 
> > If so, we can get the SPARCV9 platform at almost the same price as PC's!
> > # I don't care if it has a framebuffer or not. ;)
> I believe that SPARC/Linux will run on the Netra T1 (if memory serves
> me, Sun gave one to DaveM to work on), but it curently won't work on the
> Netra X1.  The Netra X1 has a new CPU (UltraSPARC-IIi), a new PCI
> chipset for SPARC (ALi), and I beleive a new IDE controller (VIA?).
> Basically, have patience (or work on it). :)

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