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Re: Network install on SparcStation 1+ : update

>> I just installed potato on a 16Mb ELC (sun4c) and the tftpboot.img would
>> load but I got a
>> Watchdog reset
>> Window underflow error
>> and that was it.
> I didn't even get that
>> The NFS-ROOT install was successfull though. (but not painless)
>> Problem is the machine does not get it's IP from rarp, you'll
>> have to tell it to the sparc 1 by booting like
>> boot net ip=xxx.yyy.zzz.www
> I'll have to give that a go, but the documentation has a worrying "NOT
> WRITTEN YET" disclaimer at the end of the instructions.

OK, I'm now trying to boot off linux-a.out via a symlink and tftp which gets
me a bit further. NFS on my boot machine seems to be broken, so once I've
fixed that hopefully it's done.

Thanks for all the responses,


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