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RE: which driver do I need in the kernel for sound in a sparc LX?

BZZZT!  Thank you for playing anyway!

Sorry - couldn't resist. ;-)

What you actually need in the kernel is DBRI audio.  LX and IIRC SS10 use it
instead of the AMD or Crystal hardware.  AMD will _not_ work because the LX
uses DBRI for 16-bit audio while the IPX uses AMD for 8-bit audio.

Check out the notes about SPARC audio at the Linux Documentation project

Hope that clears things up.


Mike Hebel

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> Which driver in the kernel under the sound section do I
> need to use the sound chipset in the sparc LX?

  Use "amd7320.o" (or something like that) if I'm not wrong (Sparc LX
has like
  Sparc Classic). I can play ".au" files but don't try with other
formats (WAV,
  MOD or MP3) yet.


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